1st Class Driving School Edinburgh

Post Lockdown Driving Lessons

With the spread of covid-19 still a threat as we ease out of lockdown and try to get used to a ‘new normal’ The format of driving lessons will have to change for the foreseeable future.

1 hour lessons will no longer be offered, because of the extra time cleaning the car, lessons will be offered at 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Masks must be worn by both student and instructor.

Any lengthy discussions will be held outside the car. Whilst talking inside the car will be permitted, it must be kept to a minimum and without facing each other directly.

The hygiene of our vehicles is vital for the protection of you our students, your loved ones, instructors and our loved ones.

Most of the responsibility for this will be on the instructor but we will require some help from you.

Required by you:

1. Please wash your hands with soap and hot water directly before leaving the house and again as soon as you re enter your house.

2. Please sanitise your hands before getting into the car.

3. Please put your mask on before getting into the car.

4. Please do not attend for your lesson if you have any symptoms or if you have been contacted by track and trace.

The Instructors’ Part

The cleaning and sanitising of the inside of the car will start the night before lessons.

1. The hard surfaces inside the car will be thoroughly washed with hot soapy water, wiped down with sanitising wipes and sprayed, along with the soft surfaces with auto (car) disinfectant.

2. Your instructor will arrive outside your house before your lesson time; all surfaces that you will touch will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes. A list of these is available on request.

3. On your arrival to the car the instructor will have the door open for you so you need not touch the outside of the door.

4. The instructor will offer you hand sanitiser, please don’t be offended, this is for the safety of both you and the instructor.

5. Windows will be open, either fully or partially to circulate fresh air throughout the lesson.

6. After the lesson has finished, you will see the instructor outside your house for a while, this is to wipe down the interior of the car for the safety of the instructor travelling to the next pupil.

7. Step 2 to 6 will be repeated for the next student, and so on.

8. The car will then be washed down and sanitised at the end of the day.


The Tests